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What Is "Teen Success Method"?

The “Teen Success Method” is a is a unique and highly effective approach  to helping Teens and Tweens develop the Confidence, Self-Esteem, MotivationSuccess Blueprints, and the skills they need to excel in every, and any area of life they choose…Even when everything else you’ve tried has failed.
We have a 100% SUCCESS RATE with the Teens we’ve worked with.
In FactWe Guarantee you’ll have a Happier, More Engaged, More Confident Teen, with greater Self-Esteem in as little as 8-weeks!

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“Teen Success” Is A Shortcut…You’ll See Dramatic Results In Your Teen In As Little As 8 Weeks Or Less…

Right now there are 2 options before you…

  1. The “GO IT ALONE” Path…Also known as TRIAL AND ERROR.
  2. ​Follow A Proven “SUCCESS PATH”, Many Others Have Already Safely Mapped Out.
    Sure, you can read some books, maybe take some classes, etc. But time is NOT our friend here.

Sure, you can read some books, maybe take some classes, etc. But time is NOT our friend here.

The next few months and years, will, in all probability, define the rest of your child’s life.

These are the years in which your child will solidify their opinions about themselves, about their sense of self worth, how they view money, relationships, spiritual beliefs, etc.

Our goal is to quickly uproot harmful belief systems and thought patterns (with our proven process), before they have time to take root and define the rest of your child’s life…

We then help your child replace those belief systems with supportive, positive paradigms of yours and their choosing.


Here's How It Works…


A No Nonsense Guide To Happiness ($29 Value).

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The “TEEN SUCCESS METHOD” Will Transform Your Child’s Confidence, Self-Esteem, And Self-Worth, Provide Them With Clarity, Focus, And Purpose, And Give You Back An Engaged, Motived And Happier Child…

This Is Something Completely New, Completely Different, Completely Unlike Anything You’ve Tried Before – Read The Story Below To Discover How To Transform Your Teenager In The Next 8-Weeks…

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with Teens and Tweens, building their confidence, self-esteem, motivation, direction, focus, and happiness levels. Any and all Teens and Tweens can benefit from the “Teen Success Method”.

Don’t worry, after working with 1000’s of Teens…None of them want to do this to start with, this is nothing new to us. We share with you exactly how to introduce this to your child and we work with you side-by-side to get your Teen started in the program. Getting them started isn’t going to be a problem 🙂

A better question would be…How much would it be worth to have a happy, confident, motivated teenager, who’s engaging with the family and has a clear path to move forward? I guarantee your investment is less than that 🙂

Our process is NOTHING LIKE THERAPY. Therapy focuses on unpacking the past and dealing with past issues. It’s slow and often has limited results. We focus on building a compelling future, and the results are fast and impressive. We’ve worked with many Teens and seen incredible results where therapy and counselling have failed.

YES…1-1 coaching is a big part of our success rate. Your child will be assigned a personal coach who will remain with them throughout the program. Every week your child will have a 1-1 session with their coach.

YES, we offer a 100% Success Guarantee. That’s why we only allow enrollment after we evaluate your situation via the Discovery Call. If we are not 100% confident we will get the transformation, we will not offer a spot in the program.

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Janet B

“...We tried therapy, couselling, everything we could think of, and nothing really made a difference. After just one session with the Teen Success Coach, we could see a difference. After 8 weeks, the change was truly unbelievable. Evan took to his coach straight away, and really opened up. I have to say, I wasn't expecting it :)"

Paul D

"When we first call Teen Success, it was because we we're losing control of our son. He was starting to drink, refusing to go to school, wouldn't leave his room, and was glued to social media. Everything I tried just made the situation worse. We enrolled in Teen Success, and my progress report in that he now has a part time job, he's working towards getting his drivers license, and best of all, he's talking to us again.This is a big result for us"..